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Life is a journey. With the progression of age, responsibilities pileup be it professionally, socially, or economically. The responsibilities, in turn, necessitate the need for growth and development. One sure way to actualize this is chasing after your dreams in life. More likely than not, it involves movement in search of greener pastures. Well, if you have never moved, I can tell you for sure it is no kids play. The process is cumbersome and involving. Where do you start and where do you end? Fortunately, experts have taken note of your moving troubles, and all they have to say to you is not to get bothered once you give them a chance to handle the troubles.

Cheap is tempting but also expensive in the long run. In most moving scenarios, people opt to involve the services of a friend, relative, or a close associate who happens to own a truck. It is obvious they would not charge them much, probably just gas cost, which in the short run seems very cheap. However, it might turn out to be expensive later. Unlike professional movers, they lack the experience required to handle your stuff during the process. Factually, average people are estimated to move less than twelve times in their lifetime whereas the professional movers are on the road day in day out. Their manner of handling your belongings is in no way comparable to that friend doing it for old-time sake.

Moving companies have cropped up at a very high rate in the nation. Most of which are greatly reputable for their excellent services. Life may not be a competition, but there is always that which comes first and last. In this case, our focus shifts to the cream of all moving companies in the United States, the recommendable Atlas Van Lines and the reputable Bekins Moving and Storage. The two champions in this field came to the realization that moving is hectic starting from the boxing process to truck loading and finally to the shipping.

Security and Flexibility

Moving companies are licensed and insured. In addition to offering you exquisite professional services, they are well covered against the occurrence of any risk that may damage your precious commodities. More so, in the cases of these two best companies, they do not discriminate based on the destination of the client. They are highly flexible, and they will take you anywhere in the country as long as you can afford it. They also have a pricing approach for your stuff that is straight forward such that if a perilous thing occurs, filing that insurance claim becomes such an easy task. Their customers sing nothing but their praises anywhere and everywhere. They are the ultimate national movers with legal authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to move across the nation. Unlike the unlicensed movers, these two observe the legal requirements, handle your property with care, and have a fixed price for their services. They cannot alter the pricing upon loading the trucks or after arrival to your destination.

Online Presence and Price Quotes

Best reliable moving companies like the two in question have a fully functional website. Its presence in the online platform makes it easier for prospective clients to find out the relevant info they need about the company. Its existence eliminates all queries they may have about its services and about what they can or cannot do. More so, it enables them to access the moving quotes of these companies more easily and make a comparison on their prices besides helping them choose the best option that suits their needs. These estimates should be in writing, and you should avoid those that are either too high or too low. At least three written estimates are good enough for an excellent comparison to make the best decision for your move. Besides, these quotes could also be generated through phone calls or when you visit their offices.

Atlas Van Lines

Good things sell themselves and Atlas does. From the word go, you can tell it is a moving company with a difference. Gaining access to it is instantaneous. You only take 90 seconds at the maximum to navigate its phone tree. Moreover, they are swift at scheduling you an in-home estimate with a very flexible timetable. The company’s record for safe transport and delivery is remarkable. In cases of damages, delays, or even loss, it resolves the matter speedily. Its commitment to offering the best moving services is widely renowned, and it works hard to ensure you are satisfied with your move. More than 69 percent of past clients have admitted to having had a positive experience attributed to their unique services.

Bekins Moving and Storage

Bekins is a well-known and reputable moving company. Its customer service is exceptional, client-oriented, and very quick. It also offers an in-house estimate swiftly. Besides, it provides online quotes to customers. Its services are top-notch, and a survey of past customers showed satisfaction with their moves since more than 62 percent of them had a positive, memorable experience with the firm and half of those described their services as excellent.

All top moving companies make sure to give quotes in person as it is the only way to get an accurate estimate of the much the customer ought to spend. It is also the best way in which a mover can give the most accurate price quote just as with our two prototypes. If you think of moving, think Atlas Van Lines or Bekins Moving and Storage for best services.