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It’s no hard task to find moving companies around the U.S since there are thousands operating in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular being family-owned moving companies located in smaller counties. This is mostly because smaller communities know and trust each other to move personal belongings. However, other movers have to start their circle of trust from scratch.

To help find you a trusted nationwide moving company, we reviewed some of the most popular ones in the United States. Below is a list of the top ten that we trust and recommend trying.

1. Mayflower Transit


Mayflower Transit started up in 1927 and has been in business for over 80 years. Currently, the company employs over 500 agents at 650 different locations across the country. Mayflower Transit uses standardized procedures for safer cargo and package loading to establish better trust among their clients. They also use new technology to help clients track their shipment using MayTrack and Precise TrackÂ.

2. United Van Lines


United Van Lines is based in Fenton, Missouri, and is known as one of the largest moving company in the country. In fact, they have over 400 agents spread throughout the United States. United specializes in storage service, full service moving, international moving, and corporate relocations.

3. North American Moving Services


North American Moving Services is a reputable international moving company. The company has reps based in each state in the Unite States, and over 175 countries as well.

North American Moving Services has some of the best customer service reviews, which lead to repeated clients on a yearly basis.

4. Arpin Van Lines


Arpin Van Lines is privately owned and offers domestic, as well as international storage and moving services. Based in Rhode Island, the company is backed by the Arpin Group and has over 300 agents and service centers around the world. Arpin Van Lines has been up and running for over 100 years and has plenty of excellent reviews and a large client base thanks to their hard work and dedication.

5. Wheaton Worldwide Moving


Wheaton Worldwide Moving was established in Michigan in 1945 with a small number of staff members. Over the next couple decades, they worked to employ over 4,000 employees with nearly 250 agents spread across the globe. Additionally, they have been working towards going green and providing more eco-friendly shipping methods.

6. Bekins


Founded in 1891 by Martin and John Bekins, Berkins is one of the largest moving companies in the nation with over 250 locations in the United States. Bekins specializes in household goods and works on introducing new ways to move effectively around the world.

7. Graebel


Located in Aurora, Colorado, Graebel has nearly 828 moving trucks in its lineup. In fact, it has even been recognized by Relocation Baker’s Dozen in 2013. Today, the company offers employee and commercial relocation and services.

8. Stevens Worldwide


Established in 1905 in Saginaw, Michigan, Stevens Worldwide is still one of the best moving companies in the country. The company was founded by Frederick H. Stevens. Nowadays, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has more than 150 agent locations all across the US. It also has a division dedicated only to international relocation. They offer moving and storage services, as well as record storage and management.

9. AMJ Campbell


As one of Canada’s largest moving companies, you can’t go wrong with AMJ Campbell. Since its opening in 1934, this reliable and trustworthy company has expanded operations all across North America, including the United States. If you are planning a move to Canada, AMJ Campbell is a great option for you.

10. Atlas Van Lines


Atlas Van Lines is based out of Evansville, Indiana. They are just a branch of Atlas World Group, which operates throughout the United States and internationally, too. The company employs over 500 agents to take care of all their deliveries and transportation. Along with their excellent regular transportation services, they also offer fantastic Specialized Transportation Services. With this service, they will relocate special high value goods and products like store fixtures, exhibitions, electronics, fine art, and more